Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) English Subs:

Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose)

what’s the synopsis of Gül Masalı (The tale of Rose) collectionwho’re the casts? whilst will Gül Masalı collection begin?

The taking pictures of Gül Masalı serieswhich will be screened on ATV by Pastel film, has commenced. The names a good way to take part inside the cast of the series have also been introduced. So what is the subject of Gül Masalı collectionwho are the actors? whilst will Gül Masalı startright here are the information

Gül Masalı Turkish Drama:

while getting into the summer seasona few series will make a season finale and take a ruin from the screeneven as a few collection will make their finals. The channels continue their arrangements for the brand new season and summer time projects.

Gül Masalı seriesorganized via ATV for the summer seasonseemed on the set in Isparta final week. information about the series are curious. So what is the topic of Gül Masalı serieswho’re the actors? whilst does the series beginhere are the element ….

Gül Masalı Turkish Drama:

Gül Masalı collection, written through Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu, and directed by way of Sadullah Şentürk, might be a drama. The series, which become shot in Isparta, will speak about the story of Gonce and Toprak.

The Tale of Rose English Subtitles Online:

Gül Masalı can be produced by means of Pastel film production. The motto of the series, whose challenge design turned into undertaken by way of Soner Caner and whose screenplay was written via Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu, can be the slogan “The fate of moms is the dowry of daughters”. The mom-daughter idea, which has been very popular latelycould be the main topic of Gül Masalı collection.

Gül Masalı Turkish Drama:

Gül Masalı is the tale of Gonca, who encounters the mysterious secrets of the beyond thanks to the inheritance left to her after her mom‘s loss of life, and Toprak, the son of Atabey circle of relativesone of the  families of Isparta. . .

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